Freeport, Grand Bahama is a special place. It allows those who travel to the Bahamas for reasons other than purely fishing to sneak off for a day or two and experience some of the best fishing in the world. We fish the waters off the East end of Grand Bahama Island (roughly 40 minutes from Freeport) and target bonefish, mutton snappers, jacks, sharks, barracudas, and the occasional permit with fly rods and spinning gear. We welcome anglers of all skill levels. Come for a day or stay for a month.

Grand Bahama Fishing Guide Bernard Bevans
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Flyfishing for bonefish in the Bahamas is considered to some to be the best fly fishing in the world. Usually trips to the Bahamas involve complicated flights, expensive lodges, booking agencies, and a structured tourist environment.Come fish with us in a comfortable laid back environment, where you can experience some of the best bonefishing the Bahamas has to offer.

Bonefish are probably the best possible fish to catch with a fly rod. It is visual, as they frequent really shallow water to feed, and once hooked run fast, really fast!

Want to get excited about your next trip to the saltwater? If you haven’t seen this already, our friends at WorldANGLING made this for the Drake Magazine video awards a couple years ago, and it is awesome! It’s called “SLAM” because it has a little bit of everything. You might motice some bonefishing going on in this movie, and it is only a taste of what is in store if you decide to come fishing with me. I hope you enjoy!

Grand Bahama Bonefishing Guide: Bernard Bevans

Stay: Freeport, High Rock, Pelican Point, Sweetings Cay

We are not a fishing lodge, I am an independant Bahamian fishing guide, and the host of your adventure. I will be happy to help you arrange accomodations from everything from a luxury hotel to one of our island’s many private beach houses or cabins.

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Grand Bahama Bonefishing

Once you arrive in Freeport, Grand Bahama, which has a new airport with flights in and out of many U.S. cities daily, it is only about an hour car ride to the boat ramp in McLeans Town, on the East End of Grand Bahama Island. Once on the water, there are many options for finding bonefish both from our Maverick skiff, as well as on foot on a variety of wadable flats. The protection offered by the East End's creeks and mangroves provide the cover needed to fish on bad weather days. Our boat is one of the shallowest drafting guide skiffs on the island and can take you where the fish are hungry, many of which have never seen a fly.

If spin fishing is your game, we can accommodate your needs by providing bait, although the bonefish seem to spook at the splash made from casting a shrimp too close, and usually an experienced fly caster can make a presentation with a fly that is a bit more stealthy than with bait. Interested in fly fishing for the first time? Bernard Bevans is one of the best casting instructors on Grand Bahama Island, and can help you get the fly where it needs to be.

Grand Bahama Fly Fishing Video

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We recently worked on a short film as part of the Fly Fishing Film Tour’s, The Get Lost Project. The movie is called Keep Left, and we had some incredible fishing while working on it. Look for it online winter 2012!